Grown-Up Talk

All week I have been trying to get my Daddy to spank me. I wanna get swatted, but my Daddy doesn’t think I’m a bad girl! He keeps rubbing my little girl shoulders and telling me he loves me. So I had to do something really bad. I walked up to him yesterday when he came home from work. I looked up at him by making my eyes very wide and I told him flat out that adults like to touch my privates. He got a stern Daddy expression on his face and asked me who touches my privates. I told him just about everyone. Because it’s true. All of the adults in my life really love to stick their hands in my pants and fondle my little girl boobies and make me feel good. I also told my Daddy about the scary man at the mall who made me yank on his long hard stick and then put it in my mouth and bottom. Daddy got speechless and looked sort of shell-shocked. Then he walked to the cabinet where all of the grown-up drinks are, took down a big bottle, and started drinking from it without even pouring it in a glass. How cum I’m not allowed to do that with milk and juice?

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