Great New Spot

The girls and I decided that we were going to try a new swimming spot that a friend told us about today.
As soon as we saw it when we pulled up we all agreed it was great.
There were a few people there but we like playing under the water in front of others on our swimming trips. It makes it all the more exciting.
But that was nothing compared to the treasure we found!
The girls and I are great swimmers and because of some of the family fun we have underwater, we can hold our breaths for a good time.
We decided we would try to swim under the waterfall. We touched rock and the girls turned around but something in me made me follow the rock wall up. To my surprise I felt a ledge about 2 or 3 feet up. I grabbed it and pulled up to find a cliff behind the falls.
I could see out but obviously no one could see in.
This was perfect! I went and got the girls and showed them what I found.
We stayed on that ledge for what seemed like hours fucking, fingering, licking , sucking and just enjoying the spot.
I promise we will be here way more in the future and maybe bring a friend next time!

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