Got Coke, Wanna Get High?

Submissive Phone SexMy husband came home from work Wednesday night and said he had a couple of large bags of coke and said you wanna get high. It really sounded more like a statement than a question as I am sure he wasn’t asking he was telling me I was going to be getting high. I know when he gets me high there is going to be a lot more happening than my getting high and my pussy started getting wet and it quivered in anticipation. Then he said he had made reservations for us for dinner and to be ready to leave the house in an hour. So I had to scramble to get a sitter, put dinner in containers and get them in the fridge and be ready all within one hour. Believe it or not I made it happen. Then my husband told to me to do a few big lines of coke as he handed me a large bag.

As soon as we are in the car he hands me a couple of pills and his bottled water and told me to take the pills. When we get to the restaurant it is inside of a very nice hotel. Once we were seated my husband went to the bar and when he returned he had two men with him and he introduced them to me as new clients. The dinner was very nice and as we were finishing up my husband pulled me aside and gave me a couple more pills to take, handed me a room key and told me once in the room to take the pills, do a couple more fat lines of coke and strip down to my panties and bra and wait for him. So as I was in the room waiting I noticed it was a very expensive looking room but had some things in it that appeared to be bondage type equipment that seemed oddly out of place in this beautiful hotel suite.

Once my husband got to the room he explained that he told these men they could do as they pleased with me so he would land this big project. He told me to wait on the bed and then he went and sat in a chair and made a call on his cell phone. it was just a few minutes after that the two men came in and I was so loaded and my pussy was so wet in anticipation of the night ahead of me. I am sure my husband was totally unaware as to how horny I was. The men abuse my body so good that I had cum multiple times. they strapped me down, shoved their huge cock in every hole in my body over and over again, Finally the next morning I was so loaded I passed out. When I woke up I learned it was two days later and I was in my own bed at home. What a fucking good time I had, I think?

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