Have I got a 10 Inch Surpirse for You!

Tranny Phone SexRecently I met a guy and we hit it off right away. We were at a car show which I frequent often. I had a luxury hotel there for the weekend and invited him to spend the night with me and I was a little shocked when he said yes to quickly. I knew then he had not idea of the ten inch surprise I had for him. So we walked around the car show for quite a while, then went and had a nice lunch at the hotel. I told him I was getting a little tired and wanted to catch a nap before the evening events and he was game for it too.

Once we were in my room I slowly started stripping my clothes off in a very teasing fashion and he ripped his clothes of and got into the king sized bed. I couldn’t help but notice he had a really nice cock, not as nice as mine but close.  I stripped down to my panties then crawled into bed with him, we were kissing and he was playing with my titties and nipples as I was stroking his cock until it was nice and hard. Then he reached down to what he thought would be some juicy pussy and found my hard ten inch cock!

He struggled with me a little and I finally got my cock in his mouth while continuing to stroke his cock and that seemed to calm him down. Then I gently rolled him over and shoved my hard cock to the brim up his ass, he yelped in pain for a brief moment but it didn’t take long before he was grinding his ass hard onto my cock. We both exploded with cum and he ended up staying the rest of the weekend n my hotel. I must say he ended up loving my ten inch surprise.

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