It’s A Risque Halloween

Hell yes we are working hard on the finishing touches. We are creating a naked haunted house. Those of us that are in the haunted house will be naked and in ghoulish make up and in order to visit our haunted house you must be naked as well. We will have lots of sadistic fucked up sex scenes from decapitation to gutting to bondage, snuff and torture. You name a twisted fucked up fantasy and it will be portrayed in our haunted house. We could have been done with preparations by now but we all are getting so fucking horny as we plan and set things up that we have stopped a million times to get a quick fuck in and then we have to get back to work. We are going to scare the shit out of people and enjoy kinky perverted and twisted fucking in public and get away with it because it will all be part of the show. This is going to be one hell of a spooktacular haunted house!

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