Goddess Brooklyn Controls Little Sissy Pink DingleBalls

humiliation phone sex size queenHere at Fuckalicious Freaks, we have a house sissy we refer to as Sissy Fairy Fag. Looking at her pictures, I am sure you understand why she is called that. Technically, Mistress Levi owns her, but being the nice bitch in charge that she is, she will pimp her out from time to time. I was having a cocktail party for my fellow goddesses. This was an all female soiree; dominate females only, with the exception of Sissy Fairy Fag, who was my maid for the evening. I was VERY clear that she be in proper maid attire, so I was livid when she arrived looking like a baby.

If I wanted an adult baby serving my guests, I would have asked for one. One of my Femdom friends suggested, “If Sissy Fairy Fag wants to be a baby, well we can treat her like a big baby.” That particular Mistress, made Sissy Fairy Fag pull her diaper off for a spanking. We all took a few whacks at her bare bottom. Oh did she ever cry. Sissy is a wussy too.  What a crybaby. She whimpered like a wounded animal. To shut her up, I took her pacifier, rubbed it on her bottom, then put it in her mouth. She grimaced, but sucked it. At least sissy was being obedient.

sissy phone sex humiliationMy friends were enjoying shaming her. I mean, look at her. You know you are giggling your butt off looking at her in her pink bonnet and homemade matching jumper. I decided that since baby liked sucking on her pacifier, she should suck on some big dongs. My girlfriends and I put on our strap-ons and made sissy get on her fairy knees and suck us off. It was so fun taunting and teasing her about her teenie weenie. I mean our strap-ons were twice the man she could ever hope to be. Sissy Fairy Fag got orally gang banged by 12 bitches in charge. Watching her gag, and her eyes bug out, made us all wet. Shaming a sissy is a total turn on for me.

adult baby phone sex sissy humiliationI guess all that excitement made her poop her diaper. I sent her to the bathroom to clean up. I made her change into something more appropriate too. A fairy frilly pink dress! I hovered over her in the little girl’s room, and squeezed her little dingleballs while I kissed her forehead. “I own your little round pink balls tonight, so you need to march your pansy butt back to my party and start waiting on my guests,” I chirped at her. At this point she was still a blubbering mess, so I squeezed her dingleballs into submission. That made her sing a different tune.

She returned a new sissy;  she curtsied and started acting like a proper sissy maid. She served us drinks, rubbed our feet, fed us, even gave us pedicures. It was fun making her smell and lick our feet.  Much more fun to laugh and shame her however, for being a total pansy. Of course we all took pictures for my sissy hall of shame. I have had  many a sissy in my control before, but none quite as pathetic as Mistress Levi’s Sissy Fairy Fag. I encourage you real men out there, you know, the ones with adequate equipment to please me, to leave a comment on this blog post shaming and humiliating my borrowed sissy fag. A sissy this sad, deserves all the public humiliation possible.

Forced Feminization Phone Sex sissy training

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