A Rose by any other name….

Girls now days just don’t understand. They don’t know how to take care of themselves. There is no more Glamor in the world. Old school effort is what I call it! I know how to catch a mans attention! I make sure my hair is done, My make up is perfect. My perfume is soft and my body is hard. And of course I bling myself out. It doesn’t hurt that I have a rock hard body and I know how to use it.  You cant put to much effort into looking great. I put that same gusto and effort into pleasing my man. I hear of these girls who wont give blow jobs. Who wont take anal. What is the world coming to! That is why older is better. I know exactly what you need. Exactly how to make sex a fabulous thing. Something special. I know how to give you everything you have ever dreamed of and more!

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