Giving head in the men’s room for favors!

Last night I was a BAD girl.  In my state ya have to be 21 to drink and of course I am not old enough yet.  However my friends were going to this new club that just opened up and I wanted to go too.  My one friend said she could get me past the bouncers but what she didn’t tell me was it would mean me doing a nasty favor for the guy.  The nasty favor was me in the mens room at the gas station next door blowing him.  Like literally he wouldn’t even let me in the club until after I sucked his dick.

Normally I like something nasty and humiliating like that but he was like this big muscle bound bouncer guy and it is true what they say about all those steroid make a guys dick shrink, haha!  Well I still liked it because his cum was yummy even if he short dicked me.  🙂



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