Give me What I Want

phone sex fetishI love being a fucking freak, I love when you come over and give me exactly what I want. I invited you over for a little dinner and of course you wanted dessert first. Of course I was more than happy to hear that and when I saw you bring out the fucking whip cream I was so fucking ecstatic. You laid me down on the table and took off my sexy ass panties. You blind folded me and I felt the cold whip cream on my tities, stomach and eventually right on my fucking clit. I shivered when I felt the coldness on my clit and I was soaking wet. I felt you climb on top of me and start licking off all of the cold whip cream and it felt so fucking good. You made your way down my fucking stomach and it was so excited I could feel my pussy juices dripping down my fucking pussy. You got to my pussy and started circling around my clit making me arch my back and moan so fucking loud. I could feel you flicking your tongue in and out of my pussy while you pushed a finger right into my asshole. You were pumping your finger in and out of my asshole while your tongue was in and out of my pussy. I scream out as I came all over your face.


    • Hank on August 19, 2022 at 6:44 PM
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    I want you to put whip cream on my cock too.

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