Give me a FOOT LONG!!

Adult phone chat

I love hotdogs! It is National Hotdog month and I am so excited! I just started working as a cart girl at the country cub. This 4th of July I should  make so many tips that by the end of the day I will be able to afford tennis lessons! I walk around with my hotdog cart looking as cute as I can! The tennis pro and his student came up to get a dog an we all started talking.

Phone sex

I checked out his sexy student and could not help but notice her sexy body! I told his student she had great form out there and she laughed at me when I told her I wanted to take lessons. “You can’t afford to do lessons here sweetie, one lesson is worth more than your car.” After they walked away the tennis pro came back to me.

Kinky phone sex

He said he was having a party later on tonight and If I was willing to do what the guys wanted I could have free lessons. Of course I was down to do it. I was there for maybe 15 minutes. I stripped a my clothes off, I was dancing and letting guys take body shots off of me! It was the best night and  I even learned a new trick!

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