Girlfriends Are The Best

I love, love, love having a girlfriend, the only thing better is being her girlfriend. We both love big black cock and we both love pussy. Our favorite thing to do is to go out and find a couple big black studs with dicks like horses. We let them fuck the shit out of us and then we suck all that cum out of each other for them. It makes them rock fucking hard to watch us and we are able to use their huge fucking shafts all night long. Taking turns getting double penetrated and watching. Taking turns sucking their cocks while they lay side by side before we ride them together. Making them watch us fuck while they jerk their huge cocks and squirt all over us. Then we go home and take a shower together, washing every inch of each others body before climbing into bed and fucking till the sun comes up. I always said I would never be someone’s girlfriend, but being her girlfriend is perfect!

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