Girl Time


My neighbor Mindy came over for a dip in the hot tub and a little “girl time”. I love Girl time! We sipped on wine and talked about all the naughty things we have done lately. And all the young boys we have seduced lately. By the time we finished the bottle of wine we were both feeling so hot and nasty. We had to lose the bikinis I have always loved Mindy’s tits. So perfect and when I suck on them they just pucker right up for me! She also has the sweetest voice when she moans. Like honey flowing. I just love to make her moan. After I started sucking on those beautiful tits of hers she slid her hand down and started fingering my pussy. Her long fingers fit PERFECT in my pussy. She made me cum twice before I even got my fingers in her tight pussy. As soon as I made her squirt all over my fingers…we both knew we needed to move inside. So we climbed naked out of the hot tub… and ran inside. Giggling and laughing as we dropped to the living room floor. Her face buried in my pussy.. My face buried in hers. We stayed like that for hours. What a fantastic night!

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