Blood Red Wine

Devourer of SoulsBloody Red Wine.  It’s what I serve with meals.  I had a visitor today.  Someone I felt like toying with for a while before I devoured their soul.  They were a so called self-proclaimed wine connoisseur.  I challenged them to guess the year and what type of wood it was aged in.  He was certainly very cocky.  I grinned thinking his torture was going to taste ever so delicious oh so very soon.  He sipped the wine delicately.  Dropping his nose in for a sniff and sampled it several more times, his confusion mounting on his face.  I just love it when my victims look so confused.  Like some stupid mutt with it’s head cocked to the side, a dim-witted gesture of complete stupidity.  As he floundered for words I closed in behind him, the razor tucked under my dress sleeve.  I whispered in his ear.  “Have you figured it out yet?”  Clearly from his befuddled look he had not.  I grabbed the back of his head, bringing the razor to his neck and told him that the wine was mixed with the blood of my victims, barreled in fear.  I drained him of every last drop.  He was so full of fear, this batch is going to be EXTRA tasty.Lilith, Mother of all Evil

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