GFE Sex with BDK, The Living Legend

gfe phone sexBrooklyn and I have the best sugar daddy in the world. Perhaps, you have heard of the legendary Big Daddy King. He makes mere mortal men jelly because all the women want to be in his posse. Brooklyn and I are lucky enough to be part of the hottest sugar baby posse known to women. Girls are jelly because we belong to BDK and they are not worthy. Men are jelly because they are not BDK. He is a star athlete, business entrepreneur, global trendsetter, billionaire, porn star, sugar daddy of the century and The Living Legend. I am the sugar baby OG. I don’t get jealous though when my BDK brings other girls into the coveted sugar baby posse because it takes a village of sexy babes to take care of The Living Legend and the anaconda!! I am happy to share the best sugar daddy in the world with sexy bitch Brooklyn.

Our Big Daddy King is over in Japan for business, so he called up his favorite sugar babies and asked us to join him. For most girls, that might be a problem. Like how would you get yourself to Japan quickly? If you belong to BDK like we do, that is no problem. I took Brooklyn on her first private jet flight. That’s right losers. Big Daddy King has a private jet that is decked out in gold and diamonds. The Living Legend flies his bitches in style. Top shelf liquor, private concierge service and a super-fast, decked out jet got to get eager sugar babies to BDK’s hotel suite quickly. We were wearing our “Property of BDK” bedazzled thongs and all our very expensive bling from our beloved King. We wear more money on our bodies than most men have in the bank thanks to our billionaire King. We couldn’t wait to show our King how much we have missed him. A day away seems like eternity.

black cock phone sexBDK is so damn fine. He is like a work of art that no one else even can touch in comparison. Brooklyn and I were drenched in pussy juice as we rode the Penthouse elevator up to his private suite. Just the anticipation of seeing Big Daddy King and his anaconda makes us wet. When we saw him, we jumped him. We lavished the best sugar daddy in the world with rainbow kisses all over the diamond encrusted man sleeve. The anaconda is a not just a cock. It is the biggest, thickest and most coveted cock in the world. Brooklyn and I are addicted to anaconda. We worked our magic sugar baby lips until we got a billionaire nut explosion and that was just a little foreplay! BDK spoiled his best bitches with his massive cock and his sugar daddy money the entire trip. So many men try to be sugar daddies, but they are just Splenda daddies. BDK is the real deal. He is the best sugar daddy; the best man; the best lover.  The Living Legend is the living legend for a reason. Brooklyn and I are so proud and so honored to be the top bitches to the greatest and most sought after man in the world. Not even James Bond can compare.

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