Game On Big Boy

tease and denial phone sex zettaI am not much into football but when he approached me with a bet I decided to take it. No matter what the out come of the game I am going to enjoy every minute of this.
Five thousand dollars is on the table. That would put a big dent in my surgery fund.
Here is the deal. He is into tease and denial, edge play, but he can never find anyone that makes it last long enough to satisfy him. So he is coming over for the Super Bowl game. If I can tease him for the entire game and not make him cum he will give me five thousand dollars. I have to be touching him in some fashion the entire game with the exception of half time. If I can make him last all the way through the game, I get the five thousand.
Now for the side bet. He told me to pick a team, if my team wins then he will fuck me when the game is over and if his team wins then I have to do what ever he wants so that he can finally cum after all that teasing. he won’t tell me what that is.
It doesn’t really matter, either way I win for sure!
So it is game time baby, Sunday is the day!
By the way he let me pick first. I know nothing about who is playing so I picked the team with the prettiest helmet. I picked the silver ones with the red white and blue man on the side. I didn’t like the dark green color and the mean looking bird on the other one.
Do you think I might get fucked for all my effort on top of winning the five thousand?

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