The Pre-Game Was The Party

I’m so excited about the Superbowl weekend! Our plans are coming together and we put the final pieces together last night. We decided to order catering from the local steakhouse; there would be four appetizers, three side dishes including salad, baked potatoes, and cheesy broccoli. Our main dishes would include shrimp, chicken and of course steaks. The meal during the game would be like no other Superbowl, we decided to go very “grown and sexy” for this event. Everyone in attendance had to be comfortable with each other and to lighten the mood there would be lots of alcohol there. We decided it’d be best that we had a pregame session for everyone who wanted to come to our Superbowl party. That way we didn’t have any weird wall flowers who were too afraid to join the party. After we settled on the menu and the possible guest we started the pregame.

There were more men than women who wanted to attend our Superbowl party so there would definitely be a lot of double stuffing if everyone showed up on Sunday. We’d been drinking all night and I was loose sitting and chatting in one of the guy’s lap. I felt his cock starting to get hard underneath me, so I pulled it out to see what he was working with. I sucked it as soon as I got him out, he had such a big black cock, it was easily 10 inches. I felt a set of strong hands grip my face and force it down on his cock, it couldn’t have been his hands because he had a tight hold on my big tits. Whoever he was entered me from behind, covering his dick in my cum. He was pounding inside me hard as he made me cock on another cock. It was so good but I had to come up for air! When I did there were so many people fucking around me and every cock looked so desirable. The only women there were big a beautiful with big tits and fat asses, each one of them working with more than one cock. Everyone who was there that night just had to come to our Superbowl Sexy Sunday party! It wouldn’t be the same if we missed one freak. 

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