My Fucket List

I have a whole list of kinky things I wanna do before I leave this earth. I guess you could call it my erotic bucket list. Why? Because regular bucket lists are for the boring and I have already completed about eighty five percent of the things on my not so erotic bucket list. Up until yesterday my sex life has been pretty damn vanilla. I mean, I never even swallowed cum! I know right! That is so number one on my list. I guess you can call me the girl next door. Yes I’m sweet and so is my pussy. And I plan on spreading my sweetness all over the city with random guys and girls. I’m releasing my inner bad girl!

I’m gonna have a threesome with two of the hottest people I’ve ever seen, in about an hour actually. I was so proud of my self, I saw a hot couple at a strip club I like to sneak into. I went over and flirted heavily with the woman and once she showed a bit of interest, her male counterpart took a liking to the idea of having both of us at the same time. Who knew getting a hot couple in the sack would be so easy. I guess I could consider that box checked on my little list.

Maybe if I can get them to fuck me right there inside the quiet little Asian place we are meeting for dinner, then I can check off having sex in a restaurant too. You think the waitress would join in? That would be so awesome, like a movie. Ugh all this talk of sex and awesomeness is making my pussy so wet. I think I’m going to go and masturbate on the rooftop of my building. I know that would be eye-catching, and list worthy. Random people are always hanging out up there, maybe its time they had a show to watch!

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