Fucked Up Little Pisshole

 I used to have a teacher named Mr. Hansen. He thought he was God’s gift and that he could do no wrong. He would laugh when the other brats tried to fuck with me and even cheered them on, agreeing that I was a “freak”. Of course, I had to get my revenge. I like to see the fear in my victim’s eyes for as long as possible – days, sometimes even weeks. So, I started leaving him notes in his desk. Sometimes, I’d even leave a dead bird carcass or something with the threats just to make him pee his pants! Unfortunately, that little pussy bitch got scared and moved away before I could get my revenge. Lucky for me, he’s back.

Now, I’ve got more rage burning inside than ever before and he’s got something to make my revenge even more fun! He has a daughter. The little bitch is innocent enough to cry for daddy and make my cunt drip – and what better way to get back at that asshole than to fuck up that tiny little pussy beyond recognition?! She was so easy to get to. I found out her name and snatched her up off the playground. The dumb bitch came right up to me and followed me to my car after I talked to her for a bit. In my trunk, I had a screwdriver and some rope. I drove to a secluded area and then tied that little bitch to the trunk with her naked legs spread wide open. I could see her juicy little pussy lips quiver when I slid the metal of the screwdriver over her slit. My body responded so quickly to the tears running down her face. My cunt was so fucking wet, I could have drowned the bitch in it. I told her that her daddy was an evil man, and that he wanted me to do this to her. I grabbed her stupid pigtails and yanked her head back, slamming it against the car as I jammed my screwdriver up into her tight little pisshole! Ohhh, the little cunt screamed so loud I had to pull the bloody tool out of her pussy and stab it into her mouth until enough blood gushed out that she had no more breath to scream with. I doused her body in gasoline and lit her up, right there in the parking lot. There’s no more remains for Mr. Hansen to find, but when they realize the bitch is missing – I bet he’ll remember the reason why he moved away in the first place. Don’t fuck with Phoenix.

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