Fuck This Fuckalicious Baddie

Adult Phone Chat


I see you are all hard for me again. I can see it right through your pants at the dinner table with my family. You can’t stop looking at my tits that are out obviously for showing off. But you also seem to notice how someone else looks at my tits the same way you do. My daddy sits right at the edge of the table whereas you sit across from me with the better view. Daddy looks like he is about to break his neck while trying to sneak a peek at my tits. I rub my foot against yours underneath the table and then I motion you to follow me to the bedroom. You tell me what you saw and I give you a smile before explaining everything my daddy has done to me while growing up. He took my virginity and was the first one to cum in me, to play with my body. He made me into the little whore that I am today! Just as I finish my story, my daddy walks right in and meets us in the room. What will happen, next baby?

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