Fuck The Po~Po!

CBT phone sex

You know who this snuff whore enjoys giving CBT phone sex too the most. The cop who calls me. He wants me to wear 6 inch stilettos and kick him right in the balls. Oh, but that’s not the best part! He enjoys how much this Gangbanger hates fucking cops! I have seen several in my lifetime beaten to a bloody pulp, shot and murdered! Piggy cop man just gets off on this so much. He says he wants me and my friends to hang up on him and rip his balls off! Five Of my home girls,  digging their nails into his ball sack as he took a big black cock up his piggy oink-oink ass! Oh, I so make him oink for me as he rams his po-po ass hole with his XXL BBC dildo. I love screaming how much I hate cops as he tells me his death wish. I explain how I would love to beat him with a baseball bat until he is a bloody human flesh bag of pain! And then guess where that base ball bat is going? Right up that cops ass hole! Dare me? I really hate pigs. I smell bacon, I smell grease, here piggy piggy, fuck the police! 

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