Fuck Slave for sure!!

I love being a little fuck slave! Like this guy today made me his fuck slave pet, literally! The first thing he did was strip me down to nothing and he put a dog collar around my neck very tightly. Then he put these mits on my hands that went all the way up my arm, they were fury. Then he put some little feet covers on me that went all the way up my legs, all fury. Then he told me I needed a tail and asked what the biggest cock was I had in my ass, I told him 7 in. Well he had something a lot bigger for me, it was a 10 in butt plug that he shoved into my ass and then he put a tail inside of it. He told me I would be his all day long but if he decided that he didn’t want me or the 3 dogs he had sleeping with him then I would be outside with them. Man he had some huge dogs. He also told me that the dogs could have me anytime they want to, gulp. Once he got me all dressed up he decided to have me crawl on my hands and knees outside to meet his dogs. OMG this should be fun being his little fuck slave pet!

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