Fuck Me Like An Animal

I am feeling fucking primitive today. I want to be fucked hard and put away wet. I want you to shove me down and take me like you own this hot, wet pussy. Shove that cock in me deep and rough. Fuck me like the animals on the plains of Africa. Bite me and scratch me, pull my hair. Shove that dick in my mouth and make me take it deep down my throat till I gag and choke on that huge hunk of meat. Then hold me down and shove it deep between these huge tits until they are bruised and aching and you finally cum on my face, squirting hard and long spasms of cum. Hog tie me and shove that cock up my ass till I think it is going to split wide open. Don’t bother to lube it up just take it! You know I want it rough today and you’re just the fucker to make it happen. My pussy won’t stop cumming, I can’t turn it off when you take me this way. You’re like a fucking cave man beating his chest and proving his superior control over me and I love it!

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