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It takes more than just a willingness to put a prick in your piehole and swallow a load to be great at giving blowjobs.  You have to know exactly what a big ass bone needs in order to extract the biggest blast of splooge you’ve ever had the good fortune to gulp down to be considered one of the best.  You can bet your sweet ass I know the best way to build up a giant load inside of any man and make it explode out of them like a gooey, throat coating geyser.  I’ve been doing this for a long time.

To be a perfect cum guzzling slut you have to edge that cock out to the max.  You just milk his prostate and stroke his balls with little tugs while you lick and suck real slow like up and down the shaft.  How your tongue and lips move around all over his cock, balls and taint is up to you, but I have my mouthy method down to a nut draining science.  I can let you in on a couple of secrets, I guess.

Two areas on a guy’s junk will really get them moaning and groaning while you’re going down on them.  Other than his asshole, that is.  This is a simple lesson for beginners, Rusty Trombones are best saved for cock sucking specialists.  The first one is easy, it’s his C-Spot, the little area right below the head on the underside of his hog.  It’s really sensitive, made up of scar tissue from when they were circumcised, hence the name.  It works on uncut wangs, too, you just have to pull back all of the excess skin.  Not sure if either type of tool likes it more than the other, they all go crazy when you pay that spot some special attention, head in or out of your mouth.  You should be a good girl and do both, but being a well trained slut is up to you, I can’t do it for you.

The second area is a little trickier but still considered first level blowjob action.  It’s just everywhere the scrotum attaches to the body.  Hold his balls in your hand and lift, all of the skin you see and the tissue beneath, from the edge of his taint to the crooks of his legs, is extremely sensitive.  Licking and sucking will lightly tickle and tease it but pressing your lips and tongue firmly in to search out and massage the part of his erection that’s inside his body is key, his inner cock likes to get worked, too.  That part of his prick is right by his prostate so the loving pressure you put on it directly affects his semen maker so that’s where you really help him build up a super sized sperm smoothy for you to enjoy.  Don’t worry, I promise he’ll like it, too!

That’s it, I’m done giving tips for now.  It’s time to put my masterful skills into practice and gargle some lucky guy’s pearly goop.  You know I’ll be doing the same, if a cum guzzling slut like me isn’t talking about cock, she’s taking one. 


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