Forced Intox with a bit of Blackmail

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex


I have your whole life in my fingertips. Wow, you are such a pathetic cock hungry slut. I have video after video of you sucking cock in public places. Big cocks, small cocks, thick cocks, it did not matter to you. You are so cock hungry that you didn’t even want any money. You just love being a whore for free. Now, I am going to expose this footage to your friends, family and coworkers if you do not drink that alcohol. That’s right, keep drinking it. You don’t want me to expose your entire life now, don’t you? Keep taking more shots. That’s it. I want you to be completely drunk. Do not stop you faggot whore. You were too cock obsessed to keep your mouth off their cocks and now you’re under my command. Keep taking shots and drinking for me. Oh, you are completely intoxicated. I can see that you are so drunk that you need somebody to take care of you. Let me see what I can make you do. 

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