Forced BBC Training

Cuckolding Phone Sex
Can you guess how many inches the biggest cock I’ve ever taken was? You won’t even believe me if I tell you! I’m a slutty fucking whore and I swore I’d been training for that day my entire life. He was a six foot five, three hundred pound Congolese canuck that has an unbelievable sixteen inch big black cock that he expected me to sit on and take all the way inside of me. I knew I’d never be able to do it, even with all the massive dick I’d taken before. Then, I realized if I’ve been fisted like a filthy gang bang whore, and I have, that I could probably take his humongous cock! I tried so many positions to get it inside of me, but we just couldn’t seem to do it. Until finally, he bent me over a bar stool, yes right in the view of every fucking body out drinking that night. That giant BBC pulled my little panties aside and flipped up my micro skirt. He lined his cock up, and told me we were going to get past ten inches. He told me my dripping wet cunt was going to take all sixteen inches whether I liked it or not. Spoiler alert, I fucking loved it. He lined up and just started pushing perfectly inside of me. And then, oh fuck!

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