For A Good Time Call….

My phone has been ringing off the hook with obscene phone calls. What these fuckers don’t know is that shit turns me on and while they are breathing heavy and talking dirty I am sitting here fucking my cunt with anything and everything I can get my hands on. I couldn’t figure out why the sudden influx of phone calls unless a couple of my friends had gotten themselves one of those things that disguises your voice and they were calling to mess with me. I figured that sooner or later it would stop or they would fess up. When the girls and I went to our regular club last night for ladies night. One of my girls got lucky and got a trip in the men’s room for a quick dick suck and fuck and there it was on the bathroom stall. She said it was plain as day “FOR A GOOD TIME CALL THE TOWNS BIGGEST CUM GUZZLING SLUT DIXIE!” followed by my digits. She wanted to go back in there and mark it out and at first I was in full agreement. But them I thought about it and decided I would leave it up. I had more fun this week with the calls that were coming in that I really didn’t want it to stop. And what the hell it is true I am a cum guzzling slut and I love it!

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