It Fits Like a Glove

I forced my hand inside of a sub’s anal cunt recently.  It literally fit me like a glove.  His moans and screams of pleasure made my pussy so wet with an intense burst of sadistic pleasure.  Once inside of is moist, hot hole, I flexed my right hand and then started thrusting deeply within his ass, while he jerked his hard cock.  He felt so good as I pumped my fist inside of his tunnel.  He is a fisting phone sex slut.  I really enjoy filling him up.  He told me that nothing satisfies him like the fullness that he receives from my hand being inside of his man-hole.  I was ontop of him, looking into his sex starved eyes, repeatedly fisting his anal cunt.  He loved the feeling of pain and pleasure mixture.  His moans were weak, muffled, hot, intense.  He begged me to fuck him harder! I pumped my fist inside of him hard and fast, until he shot a huge load of cum onto his stomach.

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