First timer



I am a mature sexy woman who loves to spend special time with young studs. Dont get me wrong a big thick hard cock is always great no matter how old or young it is. I do love a man who knows exactly what I need and fucks me like there is no tomorrow. BUT there is something special about a boy who doesn’t know what he is doing yet. Someone scared and inexperienced that just melts my heart! And makes my cunt just juice up. I cant help it! I want to be the first! The teacher or mommy that a young one needs. I know it will be the best of his life. Every one remembers their first time. It is the most special! So I want to be that memory for as many young ones as I can! And dont you worry Granny Rose knows exactly what you need! I will teach you how to take care of yourself AND of course how to take care of a woman. AND I will make sure you cum harder than you ever have before. But of course granny rose will be right there to clean up your mess!

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