Finger Lickin’ Good!

Submissive Phone SexMy husband called from work yesterday and told me we needed to entertain some of his clients and to put on my new little corset and a sexy dress. He also told me to make sure to have dinner ready so we could eat before we left to meet up with his clients. I knew that this meant I was about to be sexually abused in ways I couldn’t even imagine and just the thought made my pussy wet. So I made dinner, got ready and when my husband came home we had our meal, I rinsed the dishes and got them into to the dishwasher. Before we headed out my husband gave me a few pills to relax me and had me to several large lines of coke and then we were on our way. I just had not idea as to where we were going. 

When we pulled up to the warehouse I knew exactly where we were and the machines and devices that would be used on me. My pussy got wet all over again, I don’t know why pain excites me during sex but it really does. Once inside I was told by my husband to strip down to just the corset and he headed to the corner where he always sits to watch. They strapped me to a metal frame with my legs spread as far apart as they would go and my arms and hands were handcuffed to the side bars so I was in a spread eagle position. There were three men and one shoved his cock up my ass from behind with another shoved his cock in my wet pussy. The the third guy got up on a tall stool and shoved his cock down my throat until I thought I was going to choke.

These men fucked me for hours and in so many different positions and used some very pain devises on my pussy and my nipples that would actually pinch or shock me as they were fucking me. I was so messed up by the time they were done with me that my husband had to carry me to the car. He took me home and showered me and got me into bed. I was hurting so bad I could barely move and my husband gently put his hard cock inside my extremely swollen pussy and gently fucked me into an orgasm before I drifted off to sleep.

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