Feeling The Burn

Submissive Phone SexIt’s been a few days since the home invasion phone sex experience, and I am still feeling the burn.  I guess I should be a little more shaken up than I am, but I had a great time and whoever that guy was got me off pretty hard.  Even though they tore me up, spanked me, fucked me, and used me I can’t stop thinking about it.  My Sybian is getting one hell of a work out this week.  I tried to talk to my neighbor to find out who the guy was, but she is avoiding me.  I realize she thinks I’m upset or angry, but I’m not.  I just really need to know who was fucking me so we can do it again.  I left a note on her front door letting her know all of this, so I hope she calls back.  If  can’t find out who was fucking me I may wear out the Sybian.  I know I sound obsessed right now, but that was the hottest fuck of my life, and I have find out who he was.

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