Feeling Retro

Darling I am feeling so retro today. Tonight I am going to the club for diso night. It is going to be so rad. But the real reason I am going is because on disco night we all get into character. We don’t just dress retro we are retro. We act just like we did in the 70’s using sayings like “goovey and far out and hip” I love all the far out and wild clothes people wear and I really dig the platform shoes. I always get my cock sucked in the bathroom and I always get at least one or two dicks shoved up my ass when I go to the club.Tonight a few of my friends and I have a little side bet going. Who ever can get or give the most ass in the bathroom at the club tonight drinks free, And the one that gets the least ass, has to pay for everyone’s drinks….I am going to get so fucking drunk because my hot ass is not paying for shit tonight. This is going to be wonderful darling!

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