Fat Loads Make Fat Stacks

Financial Domination Phone Sex


My plans for prick pleasing financial domination are coming to fruition, and my cash collecting cunt couldn’t be happier!  Using my feminine wiles to work up my finances and fund my future is the most fun way I’ve ever gotten paid in my entire life!

You know I’ve done all kinds of things for money, I’m what you might call a Jill of all trades.  A horny, enterprising broad like me is always on the lookout for new ways to make some fat stacks of loot take fat loads of cum, so blending both endeavors was a natural step to take.  Once I took that step, my bank account has never looked better.

I have just as many ways of controlling a guy’s cash as I do his cock, probably because I tied the two together, sometimes literally!  As a dominating mistress, I whip little wimps into submission until they’re willing to give me all of the money in their wallets, their ATM card and PIN.  I’ve even pushed a sub so far that he gave me access to his company expense account!  I didn’t abuse it, just him.

On the other hand, I have a couple of daddies who want nothing more than to see me completely satisfied in every way.  They know how to take care of my body, tenderly caressing and kissing me as they pump their cum deep inside of my holes, and my wellbeing as they always give me presents and gift cards to the places I love most.  Also, the shopping sprees we go on are out of this world!  I can’t believe all the places they’ve taken me, not to mention the per diems I get when we’re on extended shopping trips in exotic locations.

My favorite way of making that moolah has to be my erotic hypnosis phone sex line.  I love to play with a man’s mind and implant some subliminal messaging that makes him want to keep giving me more and more.  More cum and more cash!  Their ability to get off is directly linked to how much money I can take from them.  Don’t get it twisted, I completely satisfy my mesmerized men, just so happens that they need to give me access to their bank information to be happy.  I even made one of my hypnotized hot guys directly deposit his paycheck into my account, that way we don’t have to mess around with PayPal or Venmo when I’m making him cum, I can give my full concentration to his cock.

I have all kinds of ways of making your money work for me.  I’m pretty smart, I’ll probably come up with a couple more before all is said and done.  I’m toying around with an idea…  “Buttfucking for Bitcoin.”  How’s that sound?  Needs work, it’s still in the planning stage.  I’ll figure it out.


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    I have a big load for you

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