Family Fun Phone Sex

I am always amazed at the things my little ones want to do for fun. We had a great time last night with a friend of mine and her girls, when they all decided we were going to shave pussies after dinner and then have a body painting session. The girls were so eager to cover their pussies in shaving cream and shave all the hair off their little twats. My friend and I watched as our cunts got wetter by the minute. Then it was our turn and the girls covered our cunts with shaving cream, shaving us with an expertise that I didn’t think they had. They carefully held our pussy lips to the side and shaved us clean. They even spread our ass cheeks and shaved around our tight ass holes. It was such a fucking turn on! When everyone was nice and cleanly shaven they went to work on us with the body paints. They carefully painted around our nipples and down to our bald pussies, creating colorful designs. We used edible paints and when they were done we all licked body paint off each other till the desire for more incest family fun was driving us all crazy. The evening ended with lots of incest family fun and cum every where. Gosh I love being a p mom!


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