Face Painting

Any reason is a good excuse for my family to have a sexy party, involving some nasty, family fuck fun.  So, when school started back this week, I suggested that we celebrate!  I allowed everyone to invite two friends, if they wanted.  Well, my two girls are very greedy, little cock whores, so they decided to give their two-guest allowance to my oldest son.  He had the privilege of inviting six of his pussy-hungry friends!  He knows Momma loves those young, thick, cum-stuffed cocks!  But, he won’t let his friends touch his sisters.  That works fine for my oldest daughter – who likes playing with her other two brothers and their friends – but, my baby-girl feels left out of all the fun.  She loves sucking on cocks as much as I love fucking them, so I came up with a plan.  While my oldest daughter kept busy with the younger boys, I snuck my youngest daughter into my cougar’s den!  When my oldest son and all the other cubs entered, I blind-folded them.  I let my sweet baby taste every teenage dick in the room.  They took turns fucking me, while some jacked off, and others enjoyed my daughter’s soft, tiny mouth.  There were only two rules – no removing the blind-fold and no cumming, until I said so.  Once, my greedy, MILF pussy had its fill of every hard, young fuck-stick in the room, my daughter and I put the guys in a circle.  We used our mouths and hands to milk every cock, one-by-one, painting a beautiful cum-collage on my face!

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