Face Down Ass Up!

Face down ass up… that’s the way daddy likes to fuck.

My little ass can’t wait to feel the wrath of your huge cock. I may be young but I’ll show you a real good time. Spank me daddy. I’ve been a bad girl, a real bad girl. I know how much you love anal sex with a pretty young slut like me and my starfish can’t wait to enjoy all the toys and beads and cock you have for it. My pussy is getting wet with excitement but its not about her tonight. I’ll play with her while you play with her neighbor! You want to feel my tight hot ass gripping your manhood tightly with every in and out don’t you? I bet you didn’t know I was double jointed. Exciting right! I can twist and turn in ways you never imagined. Watch me bend all the way over exposing my big sensitive clit and inviting balloon knot. You can see how anxious I am to have you inside me. Come on daddy, let’s play!

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