Expanding My Horizons

I had a get together last night with a bunch of my friends. As we were sitting around after dinner having cocktails our conversation turned to an interesting topic. I am not sure how or why, perhaps it is because Halloween is upon us, but things sure took a strange turn. As we got nice and drunk some how the subject of our morbid or wild sexual fantasies and experiences. I was really amazed by some of the things my friends shared. The most far out thing for me was my love of bondage but I have never experienced it in any way other then in my bedroom and with role play. But one guy had this wild fantasy. He has always wanted to take his bondage toys and a hot chick and go to a cemetery in the middle of the night on Halloween and let loose. the idea plagued me all night and I could not get the image and thoughts out of my head. At the end of the night I took him aside and asked him if he really wanted to mark this off his bucket list. I gave him a shy smile and told him I was game. The fear, the unknown and the pure taboo, outrageous idea has had me so fucking horny all day. I can’t stop thinking about it, my pussy is dripping wet knowing we are going to do this tomorrow.

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