Evil Cunts

2 girl phone sex

I hope for your sake that you’ve been saying your prayers. Something dark and delicious is coming for you. Is your faith strong enough for you to resist two gorgeous temptresses? Is your sky daddy strong enough to hold you up when we start on you? I doubt it. I’ll give you a head start.  Repeat after me, “god, help me. Lacey and Haley are coming for my soul.” Your cock doesn’t stand a chance.  Between my round ass and her perky tits you’ll be so compliant for us. Your god can’t stop us from taking your soul. He’s too weak. 

You can tell yourself that it’s not a big deal, it’s only blasphemy phone sex. The devil is very real and we’ll pray to praise him for giving us the gift of sexuality. Our dark Lord, thank you, Lucifer for falling so that we could experience the pleasures of our human flesh.  He left the kingdom but he is the true King. You’ll see, you’ll serve him too. With two evil beauties goading you into cursing and blaspheming the cunt son of god, you will fall too. We’ll seduce the sin right out of your mouth. Pray then call. 

blasphemy phone sex

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