Erotic intoxication

Adult Phone ChatI wonder if you know how desperately my skin needs your touch,

to feel your fingers softly glide along the curves of my body.

Do you know that the sound of your voice is enough to start involuntary twitches deep inside me.

that the thought of you inside me starts my mind spinning and intoxicates me with dizzying erotic desire.

I have yet to feel you inside me and the thought of it consumes me and has taken over every waking second.

I can’t sleep.

I lay awake and feel the coolness of the sheets caressing my soft skin. I feel myself getting wetter and the empty ache gets stronger.

I swear I can feel the tip of your tongue tasting me!

I can feel your strong hard cock penetrating me and my wet pussy grabs onto it and pulls you in deeper and deeper until every massive inch is completely surrounded and consumed with all the warmth and soft wetness that you created.

You know how strong my desire is! Why are you making me wait!

You know you are the only one that can satisfy me!

Do you want me to beg?

I would gladly drop to my knees, burying my face in the sweet smell of your balls and beg for you if that is what it would take!

Every second without you is torture!

I need to smell you, to taste you, to feel you fill me up or at the very least, to hear your intoxicating voice as you stir my juices and command my body to cum for you!

You control me and I belong to you completely.

So I lay here, waiting for you, hoping you will satisfy this aching need soon!

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