Emma is a spoiled Brat!

Bratty girl phone sex

Emma is spoiled rotten!

Honestly, I am sexy, slutty, and sweet. Of course that means that I am the perfect girl for Bratty Girl Phone Sex.

Perfection is a great word to describe me. You know you want me as arm candy, but my time and attention comes at a cost. If you want me you have to show me just how much you do. Prove you deserve it. If you don’t there are plenty of other men willing to do whatever it is that I want.

Do you wonder how you prove it? Gift cards and presents are great little tributes. Let’s face it I am worth every dime I will squeeze from your wallet. Buying me that Amazon gift card is going to make your little cock twitch with pleasure. Just remember the attention you get will be determined by the gift you give me. So don’t you dare be a cheapskate.

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