Emma Gets Dicked down at a Furry Convention

Furry Friends Phone Sex

So, as you all know I am a super freak and I recently met a few friends that happen to have Fursonas Yep you read that right I Got to experience Furry Friends Phone Sex with a Hot Fox name Jinx.

It all started when they invited me out to a Furry get together, I tossed out all my inhibitions and said what the heck. You should have seen me dressed up in my sexy wolf furry costume, it was actually very freeing, and I began to really get into it. No one would be able to see my true identity and I decided to take on my very own Fursona Pussy willow(I even had it Engraved on a pet tag for my Hot pink Collar)

About 45 minutes into the night I felt someone brush against me . I looked over and saw a very sexy Fox his tag said Jinx. I nervously began prooning myself and This must have turned Jinx on because he made a hot little chittering sound then grabbed me by the paw and led me down the hall way.

I never knew that inter species breeding was a thing, but that night Jinx made me cum multiple times Taking me with his big Furry cock while keeping me positioned on all fours.

Don’t knock it till you try it, Call me for a Furry Good time.

                                                                       XOXO Emma AKA Pussy Willow

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