Does it really count?

incest phone sex

Someone is craving some incest phone sex , and it might be you! Hehe, it’s okay your secret fetish will remain safe. Actually, you have the right gal for those interesting kinks of yours. Let me tell you a little story about my time with the incest scene. When I was was a tiny bit younger,

after school, thre was this completely unfamiliar guy. My father, unbeknownst to my mom, had an affair and created a half-sibling. Well, my mom had her fair share of affair and my mom agreed to brush it under the rug.

Now this offspring came as a newly navy brat coming to meet his father and siblings for the first time. Not to make this too long, but my half-brother was completely in awe of me and wanted to fuck me.

I will admit at this point, i was still shiny and new. I sure was a real virgin..

Well, my brother made sure to change that and fucked me on the first night we met. I was obsessed with his big mushroom head and wanted him to fuck me all the time.

Does it really count if you arent raised together hmmmm?

Now you know I love incest and don’t mind getting my brother to fuck my holes. I want to hear the deepest secrets that you want to spill.

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