Dig Deep….

So it’s time to see what your made of sugar. Her boyfriend came to me and asked for a favor. He said she has been disrespecting him in front of his friends and she needs to be taught a lesson. He knows I am the right one for the job. I have all kinds of kinky and perverted things up my sleeve and for a friend I will pull out all the stops.
So he brings me his little disrespectful cunt and he leaves her with me. He tells me to do with her as I will and to let her know in no uncertain terms why she is being taught this lesson. She thinks he is gone but he is watching the whole damned thing. And he tells me how much he is going to enjoy this.
I bring her in and sit her down. First things first I have to slap the bitch around a bit and let her know that she is a disrespectful little twat and this is what happens when you don’t know your place.
She is crying and begging and I haven’t even gotten started yet. Pansy ass bitch.
I rip her clothes of and pull out the biggest strap on I have and start fucking the shit out of her twat. I take her to the brink and then pull it out and start skull fucking this bitch till she can’t breath.
Now for the fun part. I bend this bitch over and tie her to the chair, her wrists are bound to the front of the seat and her ankles to the back legs with her ass high in the air over the back. Perfection! I ram my fist so deep in this bitches ass that I can hear the skin as it stretches farther then it has ever stretched before. I wore her ass fucking out, ignoring her screams for mercy, knowing her boyfriend is watching and jacking his cock for all that it is worth.
This is what happens when your a naughty little bitch, bet you know your place now huh cunt?

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