Diddle The Kitty

hot phonesex dixieI know when he is cumming over what is going to happen. He likes the same thing every time. He loves to make me lay back and finger fuck my pussy while he watches. He doesn’t want me to use toys just my hands. he sits back and strokes that hard cock while he watches me work my pussy into a soft wet frenzy. The pre-cum oozes out of the head of his cock in a steady stream as he watches me work my pussy, my clit getting more swollen as I finger fuck myself faster and faster rubbing my clit with the same rhythm. Only when my pussy is dripping wet and the flood gates open will he mount me and fuck me hard, making me cum over and over again before dumping his load inside me. It’s kinda vanilla for me, but I love it anyway. Fucking myself and giving him a show knowing I am driving him crazy as I make myself cum for him.

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