Diamonds and Dicks r a girl’s best friend


Let’s face it, when you look this good, you tend to have lots of admirers. It can be exhausting, but the perks are so worth it. And why shouldn’t I be showered with presents? I make the effort; I go the extra mile to please my man. I wanna make it all about him, he deserves it. I let him put his dick wherever he wants, I satisfy his desires for hours on end… Then we fuck some more. LOL. But, it is a privilege to get a piece of this tight ass, because I have only the best for the very best. I’m not ashamed to accept expensive gifts. I’m only getting exactly what I deserve. I mean, not all my pearl necklaces have to be shot at me! And I expect them to be wrapped in cute little packages. After all, for a night on the town with my man, I prepare for hours, with the occasional interruption for a quick suck and fuck. The delight is in the details, and if he wants the stares of envy, I need to look good. Then later he can drink it all in as I’m standing in front of him with nothing on but a diamond necklace. It’s a worthwhile investment, trust me. 😉

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