Devious Emma and the Trample Table.

CBT Phone Sex

Emma And The Trample Table 

You know that you have a worthless little male appendage. One that is deserving of some CBT Phone Sex. I just bought a brand new trample table and I can not wait to test it. Are you ready to try this out for me? 

Get down on the ground and push that pathetic worm into that hole. I am strapping into my thigh high leather boots and I am about to climb on the table. Do not be nervous. This is going to be fun, for me anyway. Starting out slowly I press the tip of my toe into your balls. You are shaking and even though I tell you to stop you do not. 

Shaking so hard that you are making the table wobble. I can not have that! So I step down hard. Pushing the stiletto heel into your balls and my whole sole is covering and pushing your cock. 

Of course, you are excited, but you know I have no intention of letting you cum. 

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