Dealing With Teen Druggies

Drugs Phone Sex


What do you guys do when your teens won’t listen to you and do drugs and drink all the booze they want to, regardless of how upset you get?  I bet you come close to sending yourself into cardiac arrest when you’re dealing with an insolent, line crossing/blowing teenage brat, don’t you?  Yeah, that’s not my style.  My daughter insists upon doing all the drugs and getting pass out drunk, so I insist that she does it in the house under my roof!

If she’s going to be whacked out of her fucking gourd then I want to be able to keep an eye on her.  Plus, she brings over the hottest young bodies you’ve ever seen to get trashed with.  I have my pick of the passed out pricks and pussies that party here to play with and please myself.  It’s a pretty good parenting method, if you ask me!

The really fun part is that my husband and I never know what kind of fuel for getting fucked up our riot girl is going to bring home or who she’ll bring along to enjoy the joy filled chemicals with her, so who we’ll be doing and how we’ll be doing it to them is always different!  Liquor is a given, it does a great job with eliminating any inhibitions my girl’s friends might have.  We always have some around, just in case.

Coke, meth, anything speedy will make them want their junks to be constantly juiced.  Just plant a horny thought in their mind and they basically take it from there.  You can get all the cock or cunt cream you want, you just have to keep their minds from racing off to unsexy thoughts, like what their moms would say if they saw them with my face attached firmly to their crotches.  Unless she’d be into it, that is.

Ecstasy and molly make the little teens want to get rubbed and touched all over their tight bodies.  My husband and I are always happy to oblige, complete with internal massages courtesy of our fingers and tongues and various toys.  Just a whole lot of teen body worshiping all set to an awesome soundtrack and lighting to match.  Have to create a mood.

Ketamine, opioids, any downers they might do, mix “poorly” with the alcohol and send them into a deep sleep, borderline coma.  You can literally do anything you want to them in that period of time and they’ll have no idea you were even in them.  Everything we stick inside of them leaves them plenty sore in the morning, but they have no idea how they got so stretched out or whose cum it is that’s leaking out of their young bald pussy or bashed in butthole.  They might put two and two together but it doesn’t matter to me if they do or not!

If I were you, I’d save myself the drama and possible heart attack and just let your brats and all of their friends drink and do drugs in your house.  If something goes wrong, you’re there to help.  If all goes right, you’re there to fuck!


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