Daily Deposits At The PATM

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex


The best way to train your back talking teen to love tossing salads is to submit her to round after rump tasting round of ass to mouth phone sex!  If she thinks that tonguing an asshole is just the worst, what do you think that sassy slut-a-be will say about an anally basted daddy boner pounding into her piehole?  So I just make my teeny tart of an insolent step daughter take frequent fecal freak trips to the PATM so she can get used to the taste of my sweet, sweet ass!

When a teenager really wants something, they obsess over it.  You can use that to get exactly what you want out of them.  Yes, one could delegate that power to things like errands and daily chores, but that’s not nearly as rewarding to anyone involved as assigning a little ass covered cock sucking to your young one for payment for whatever it is that has them so preoccupied.  Do they simply have to go to the movies with their friends this weekend?  ATM time.  Is there a concert that they have to see or they’ll just die?  ATM time.  How do they plan to afford the newest gadget or smart phone that caught their eye?  ATM time, that’s fucking how!

My step cunt has wanted to get her driver’s license so bad, it’s all she ever talks about.  She’s not ready yet and needs to go through the proper training for us to feel good about letting her drive legally.  No, not driver’s ed, she knows how to work a car.  She doesn’t know how to work a shitty slime covered shaft with her mouth and that simply has to change if she wants a chance at a little vehicular freedom, so I instituted nightly rounds of family cornhole cavitation so that rude little step daughter of mine will have no problems sucking caca cock and licking hot booty holes.  It’ll make my man happy, give her a little lesson in humility and, hopefully, allow me to finally be able to sit right on that bleach blond little bitch’s face and grind my brown round right into her smart mouth until it makes my mommy pussy squirt all over her.  Youthful audacity tends to abate when your step mom’s butthole is puckered, suckered and clamping down on your teenage tongue.

If you want to get the very best out of your out of control offspring, take them on multiple poopy trips to the PATM.  They might not understand the values you’re trying to instill in them at an early age, but eventually, they’ll thank you for it.  And even if they don’t, at least you got your shitty cock sucked or chocolate fun tunnel tongue fucked!


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