Daddys Girl Is Will Edge You All Night

Being daddies’ little slut, I learned I could get anything I wanted, the bigger the load the more I could get out of daddy.

Edge Play Phone Sex I used that all throughout life. I know to stroke and suck your cock edging you to build your nut up all the way until you blast a big load for me. Last night I did that with my big pretty tits and sweet asshole. I let him titty fuck me while I sucked the head of his cock and twirled my tongue around it. His cock started leaking and I bent over and spread my legs for him. He licked my asshole, and I teased him by stroking his cock while he did it. He rubbed his pre-cum on my asshole and pushed his hard cock in. He fucked my asshole deep and fast, right when I felt he was going to cum I stopped fucking my ass back on him just edging him over and over. I played with his balls making sure to get them full. By this time, he was begging me to cum I sucked his cock into my mouth and then stuck my fingers in his asshole. I massaged his prostate while sucking the nut out. His body started shaking and he came so much in my mouth I pulled his cock out it kept spraying all over my face.

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