Daddy’s Fairytail

My Daddy comes in my room at night to read me Fairytails. He says they’re called that because Daddy has a special Tail between his legs like a dragon. When his dragon tail gets really hard and sensitive, he has to stick it inside of a beautiful princess! I love my Daddy, and his stories are very relaxing. He tells me to lay down and pretend to be fast asleep like Sleeping Beauty. Then he whispers to me really softly and sings me lullabies. His version of lullabies are moaning and grunting sounds, I think. Also, he whispers stuff like “fuck you till you scream,” and “tight tiny holes.” Then he rubs his Daddy tail all over my body. Sometimes he puts his Daddy tail inside of my little girl panties. But he doesn’t slide them all the way off. He just slips his Daddy tail inside the fabric and rubs it against my little cunny. It feels really good to him, and it makes me very slick with wetness. He does it every night, and it makes me remember why I love getting Fairytails!

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