Naudia Never Needs Condoms

It’s in all of the movies. You’re getting hot and heavy with a girl, making out and pawing each other all over the place, and then it comes time for the big finale. You lean over the bed and reach toward the side table, grabbing for that little square of foil and tearing it open. The condom falls out on the bed and you rummage around restlessly for it, too aggravated to slide it on to your cock, you enter her bareback, and tell her you’ll just pull out. The moaning, groaning, and aching need floods over you. You can’t deal with another moment of pressure. It’s cumming time for release, and you seem to have forgotten that your raw dick is ravaging the insides of the this girl underneath you. She’s squirming and mumbling and clawing at you to go harder. Her eyes are glazed over, her head has lolled back, and she’s panting so heavily, she may as well be drowning. She’ll never notice if you just stay inside of her, right? I mean, is it really all that bad to cum inside . . . it’s like giving her a little gift. With your dick, one she didn’t ask for. A surprise inside your cock. So you do it, plunging into her deep in one swift stroke, and you explode right up her canal, grunting lowly. You lean back, slick with sweat, and your knee glides over a smooth plastic balloon. Glancing down, you peel the condom off your tangy skin, edge it out from underneath your leg, and throw it on the floor beside the bed. Oh well. Yeah, it was ribbed. But bareback just feels so much better . . . You catch your partner’s eye, and you can tell she knows what you did. Time to get out of there! But baby . . . lemme tell you something. I never use condoms. So you’re welcome to cum inside me anywhere you want.

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